5 Benefits of Replacing Your Old Windows

Feb 17, 2023Blog


One of the best ways to upgrade your home is to install new windows. Not only will it benefit the home in countless ways, but homeowners can become happier and healthier with new windows! Windows can increase the exposure to natural light, as well as enjoy outdoor nature through clean windows, offering a comforting and peaceful awareness.

window replacement, new windows. Chattanooga

Besides the positive physical attributes that new windows can provide, there are other reasons to consider replacing your current windows with new ones. 

Increased Home Value 

Homeowners can feel accomplished when it comes to home improvement projects with large payoffs. Windows tops that list. Replacing windows can return homeowners 73% of the project cost upon resale, according to Remodeling 2020 Cost vs. Value Report. If you are trying to sell your home, and sell it at top dollar, consider new windows! A potential homebuyer may pass on your home if the windows are outdated and not performing at peak. 

Noise Reduction

New or replacement windows can assist with the reduction of excessive noise pollution. Insulating frames and triple-pane glass can help eliminate noise from traffic, lawnmowers, and barking dogs. This will allow for a peaceful environment in your home. 

Low Maintenance

The upgraded window material offers low maintenance which is excellent for the homeowner. You can opt for convenient between-the-glass blinds that will reduce the dust particles in your home, for starters. Perhaps you decide on the tilting glass option which will assist with cleaning. The homeowner doesn’t need to stand on a ladder outside anymore when trying to clean windows. Just tilt the window in, and clean away the dirt and grime!  

Energy Efficiency

Do you feel drafts when you walk near your windows? That is telling you it is time to replace and gain more insulation in the process. New windows can seal up any gaps or areas where the air is seeping through, eliminating those nasty drafts. This will assist your heating and cooling system to run less and in turn, decreasing your monthly energy bills. ENERGY STAR-certified windows help to lower utility costs, protect the environment and enhance the overall comfort of your home. 


Updated features include tempered glass or laminated glass, both of which are less likely to shatter into a thousand pieces if the window gets broken. New windows also offer enhanced security options like locks and sensors that make them harder to open and break into from the outside. You can rest easy knowing your family is safe and secure. Also, new windows don’t tend to warp over time, offering a solid secure escape route if a fire breaks out in your home. (Is it worth to replace windows?)

window replacement, new windows. Chattanooga

Noahs Roofing in Chattanooga is the window replacement specialist you can count on to secure your home, and lower energy bills. Our tried and true process guarantees a smooth and efficient window installation. 

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