Choosing the Right Metal Roofing Color for Your Home

Jun 19, 2024Roofing Materials

Getting a new metal roof is super exciting! Metal roofs are durable and can last for decades. But picking the right color is important, too. The shade you choose can affect your home’s appearance, energy costs, and even resale value down the road. 

Let’s explore some tips for selecting the perfect metal roof color.

Consider Your Home’s Style

The color of your metal roof should complement your house’s overall style and existing exterior colors. For example:

  • Traditional Homes: Opt for classic, neutral tones like gray, tan, green, or blue-green. These pair nicely with brick or siding.
  • Modern or Contemporary: Bolder hues like reds, blacks, or bright blues can look sharp on contemporary designs.
  • Rustic or Farmhouse: Earth tones like browns, terra cotta reds, or warm greens evoke an attractive rural vibe.

Look at photos of homes with metal roofs in the hues you’re considering. Make sure the color feels natural with your property’s architectural style.

Consider Your Climate

When choosing your metal roof shades, it’s important to factor in your local climate. Darker colors like black, grays, or deep reds can absorb more heat from the sun. This is great if you reside in a colder northern region.

But those darker tones could skyrocket your cooling costs in the brutal summer months if you live in a sweltering southern state. Lighter colors like tans, whites, and light grays help reflect radiant heat better for greater energy efficiency.

Consider Resale Value

You’ll also want to think long-term about the color that most appeals to prospective home buyers. Neutral tones in grays, tans, greens, and browns tend to have the broadest widespread appeal.

While that cherry red metal roof might fit your tastes now, an unusually bright or unconventional shade could turn off some buyers when it’s time to sell. Many real estate experts recommend sticking to versatile classics that look fresh for the next owners.

Top Metal Roof Color Ideas

Still feeling stumped on the right shade? Here are some of the most popular, versatile metal roof colors to consider:

  • Charcoal Gray: A true neutral with a bold look but not too harsh. Great for modern or traditional styles.
  • Bright White: An ultra-clean option that radiates heat exceptionally well. Perfect for beach homes or hot climates.
  • Colonial Red: An iconic choice that works nicely with brick or stone exteriors on historic or rustic homes.
  • Hunter Green: This natural, muted green is a lovely accent color to complement tan, gray or brown siding.
  • Desert Tan: A best-seller that achieves a warm, inviting aesthetic suited to southwestern or ranch-style abodes.

Most metal roof manufacturers offer a range of standard colors and custom hue options, so don’t be afraid to ask for samples to compare side-by-side. Seeing the tones in person and getting input from roofers and designers is the best way to make your final pick.

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