Fun Facts About Chattanooga

When people mention the city of Chattanooga, often the first things that come to mind are Glen Miller’s 1914 hit song “Chattanooga Choo-Choo” and fun and exciting things to do, like the ever exciting Lookout Mountain. If you’re eager to learn about Chattanooga, carry on reading as we break down some fun facts about the city.

Chattanooga, TN Moon Pies

Civil War Importance

Chattanooga was an important site during the Civil War. The Battle of Chattanooga involved three significant conflicts, namely the Battle of Orchard Knob, the Battle of Lookout Mountain, and the Battle of Missionary Bridge.

Ruby Falls

Chattanooga is home to America’s largest underground falls, Ruby Falls. The 145-foot Ruby Falls is situated deep within Lookout Mountain and features dozens of underground waterfalls. The area is well preserved and has a year-round temperature of 60 degrees.

Hit Song

Chattanooga Choo Choo was the 1914 hit song by Glen Miller & His Orchestra. The song is about a man traveling south from New York on a coal train to Chattanooga. The song became the number one song across the US and remained #1 on the Billboard Best Sellers chart for nine weeks. The song sold over a million copies.

Moon Pies

Chattanooga is home to the tasty Moon Pie. The story of the origin of the Moon Pie is as follows: in 1917, a traveling salesman from the Chattanooga Bakery Inc., met a local coal miner who asked the salesman for a treat the size of the moon. Inspired by the request, the bakery created the Moon Pie, which is still enjoyed more than 100 years later.