Are Seamless or Sectional Gutters Better for Chattanooga Homes?

Sep 27, 2022Blog, Chattanooga, Gutters, Seamless, Sectional

Are your gutters old and worn? Is it time to update the look of your home’s exterior? With all of the options available for gutters in the Chattanooga market, it can be hard to decide which gutters are best for your home. The gutter specialists at Noah’s Roofing and Remodeling in Chattanooga are here to help!

Why Are Gutters Important?

If you’re remodeling your home’s exterior or even just having some work done on your roof, you may find yourself wondering if gutters are even necessary. The fact is, rain gutters are far more important than most homeowners realize. While they have the added benefit of giving your home a clean and finished look, their main purpose is water management. Gutters are vitally important to directing water away from the home to prevent water damage. So, yes, gutters are almost universally necessary for homeowners in the Chattanooga area and everywhere else for that matter. 

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Seamless Gutters

While seamless gutters aren’t 100% seamless with some minor seams at the ends or corners of the gutter, they’re called seamless for a reason – they’re made from one, continuous piece of material. Seamless gutters come with a variety of pros and cons for Chattanooga homeowners. 

Advantages of Seamless Gutters

  • Seamless gutters are custom cut with precise measurements to perfectly fit every side of your home. 
  • Because they lack seams, seamless gutters are more rigid which adds to their durability.
  • Most gutters leaks occur at the seams, so seamless gutters experience far fewer leaks than sectional.  
  • The lack of seams means there are fewer areas for debris to build up, which also means less maintenance for you.  
  • Seamless gutters have a very long life expectancy. 
  • Seamless gutters are available in a variety of materials, colors, and styles. 

Disadvantages of Seamless Gutters

  • Because seamless gutters need to be precisely cut on-site, they are not even remotely DIY-friendly. 
  • Even in cheaper materials, seamless gutters are more expensive because of the custom cuts and professional installation. 
  • Seamless gutters are less readily available than sectional gutters. 

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Sectional Gutters

As you may have guessed, sectional gutters are sold in sections – usually in lengths of 10 feet or 20 feet. Sectional gutters also provide Chattanooga homeowners with a variety of pros and cons. 

Advantages of Sectional Gutters

  • Sectional gutters are very readily available even from most box stores. 
  • Because of their availability and ease of installation, sectional gutters are fairly DIY-friendly. 
  • Sectional gutters are typically less expensive than sectional gutters even when made from the same materials. 

Disadvantages of Sectional Gutters

  • Sectional gutters lack the durability offered by seamless gutters due to the vulnerability of their seams. 
  • The seams in sectional gutters are a prime location for debris to catch and build up which means they require more frequent cleaning and maintenance.  
  • Because leaks tend to occur at the seams in sectional gutters, metal sectional gutters are more prone to rust.  
  • The labor costs associated with professional installation of sectional gutters may be higher than seamless gutters because the multiple cuts needed may take longer. 

Are you still trying to decide which type of gutter is best suited to your Chattanooga home? Call Noah’s Roofing and Remodeling, today, to schedule a free estimate and discuss your options!