What is the Typical Cost of a Vinyl Siding Installation in Chattanooga?

May 24, 2022Blog, Chattanooga, Siding, Vinyl

Vinyl is an increasingly popular choice for siding in Chattanooga and the surrounding areas.  It’s very durable, withstanding wind, hail, and excess moisture.  As an added bonus, it’s also relatively inexpensive due to the cheaper material cost and ease of installation.  If you’re considering new vinyl siding installation or replacement on your home you’re probably wondering what it will cost you.

Average Cost of Vinyl Siding Installation Chattanooga

The average cost to install vinyl siding in Chattanooga is between $7.00 and $15.00 per square foot.  This includes the cost of materials, labor, and other associated costs for the installation of the siding and depends largely on the size of the home and grade of the vinyl chosen.

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Vinyl Siding Installation Cost by Home Size

The size of your home will greatly impact the cost of your vinyl siding installation in Chattanooga. If you consider the various ranges of home sizes provided, you’ll be able to determine the approximate cost to install vinyl siding on your home.

  • Vinyl siding installation on a 1000 square foot home: $7,000 to $15,000
  • Vinyl siding installation on a 1500 square foot home: $6,500 to $22,500
  • Vinyl siding installation on a 2000 square foot home: $14,000 to $30,000
  • Vinyl siding installation on a 2500 square foot home: $17,500 to $37,500
  • Vinyl siding installation on a 3000 square foot home: $21,000 to $45,000

Cost To Install Vinyl Siding on Average Chattanooga Home

The average home in Chattanooga is around 2100 square feet.  This means that it will cost between $14,700 to $31,500 to install vinyl siding on an average home in Chattanooga.

Vinyl Siding Installation Cost Breakdown

Vinyl siding can be relatively do-it-yourself-friendly for homeowners who are pretty handy around the house, so you may find yourself wondering what the cost breakdown is for vinyl siding installation in Chattanooga to determine if the added expense is worth the convenience and expertise of a professional installation.  Keep in mind that your professional siding installer in Chattanooga will be taking care of the entire project from start to finish including acquiring all necessary permits.


The cost of the vinyl siding itself is variable and largely depending on the quality of siding you purchase.  The cheapest vinyl siding available on the market can be purchased for less than $2.00 per square foot while the most expensive runs about $12.00 per square foot.  The average cost of vinyl siding in Chattanooga is between $2.50 to $7.00 per square foot.

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Materials and Equipment

The siding itself isn’t the only material cost involved with siding installation.  There are several other things that will need be purchased such as starter strips, J-channel, window flashing, trim, and various other accessory pieces and hardware necessary for proper installation.  You can expect these items to add between $0.50 and $1.00 per square foot on average to the total cost of your siding installation in Chattanooga.  This typically comes out to and additional $400-$600 for a standard installation.


Labor costs for siding installation can be calculated hourly or by square foot.  In general it will cost another $1.00 to $2.00 per square foot of siding installed or around $25 to $30 per labor hour.  This generally adds around $700 to $1000 onto the total cost of a siding installation project in the Chattanooga area.

Additional Costs

There are additional costs associated with siding installation in Chattanooga such as the cost of building permits, sales tax, and other associated charges.  These costs usually add another $500 to $700 to the total cost of your vinyl siding installation.

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